Lotus Effect

Herbs. Counseling. Spirit. Vitality.


The lotus is a sacred flower.

Rocking gently in the wind, it floats above the water.

Growing out of the water’s murky bottom, the beautiful lotus is impervious to the mud.

It simply rolls off,

leaving no trace of the silt and dirt.

Only the strength and beauty of the Lotus flower rises to the surface.

This is The Lotus Effect.




About Sue

I offer a variety of traditional, creative, mind-body and Integrative approaches to healing mental, physical and spiritual challenges. My mental health practices are rooted in attachment theory, supported by neuroscience research, with a trauma informed focus and a strong belief in the power of relationships. I also offer Integrative approaches to healing including a full treatment plan of holistic options uniquely crafted for each client. 

My work as a mental health therapist begins with connection. I want to know who you are and how you want to see healing changes happen in your life.  Beginning any therapeutic process is an important first step in connecting with your inner self. In order for a personal connection to grow, there needs to be a relationship between the clinician and client. This relationship is the foundation for strong personal growth. Connection. Support. Growth.

The Integrative Heath Service utilizes a holistic approach to achieving your goals. Through a multi-faceted approach using herbs, nutrition, culinary education, somatic work, detoxification, exercise and other personalized supports the client is empowered with a highly personalized dynamic plan towards vitality.

If you are interested in Counseling Services please click on the link above. If you are interested in Herbal Support or Integrative Health Services, please click the Vitality link to learn more. 

Sue McCoy


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