Payment Options

Insurance and Payment

The Lotus Effect is familiar with health insurance. Several insurance plans are accepted, please see below. You are welcome to discuss your insurance needs during your consultation. Traditional individual counseling services can be covered through insurance companies as well as through out of network benefits. All necessary paperwork can be provided for a self submit request to reimburse for mental health counseling. Billing to in network insurance companies is provided as a courtesy to clients.

Holistic approaches differ from the type of care traditionally covered by insurance companies. Insurance companies are focused on specific codes covering specific illness. Better known as “sick care”. There isn’t a code we can bill for “client seeks a return to a state of Vitality”. Of course there should be! So, Integrative and other Holistic providers remain out of network for their services. Certain aspects of of services may not be covered under insurance plans.

Payment is due at the time of services or by the date established for the payment plan. There are several options to submit payment. Prices listed are for sessions and do not include the cost of items or products that might be recommended. A number of sliding fee spots are available.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy session are $130.00 per session.
Weekly therapy sessions are 55 minutes.
Clients are provided a regular weekly appointment, as schedules permit.
Individual therapy is provided virtually.

Herbal Consultation- Single Concern

Herbal intake focusing on one area of concern with a single follow up appointment to review progress.
Intake Meeting- 75 minutes.
Recommendation Review- 30 minutes.
Follow-up meeting @ 4 weeks to check in- 30 minutes.

Single Herbal consultation – 30 minutes- $75

Herbal Support-Multiple Concerns

Intake appointment- 90 minutes.
Initial recommendation follow up- 30 minutes.
4 Follow up appointments @ 2, 6, 10 & 16 weeks.

Single Herbal consultation – 30 minutes- $75

Integrative Health Services

Intake appointment- 90 minutes.
Initial recommendation follow up- 30minutes.
6 Follow up appointments @ 2, 4, 6, 10, 14 & 16 weeks.

Individual follow up consultation – 30 minutes $100.00

Concierge Packages

The Concierge Packages offer clients the opportunity to pay a monthly fee and have access to many different types of services through Lotus Effect. This type of health care service has become more attractive for financial reasons for many individuals who are interested in holistic and other complementary care.

Each Concierge Package includes the following:
  • Monthly pricing
  • Access to select groups (when available)
  • Individual Yoga sequencing to support mind body connection.
  • Mindfulness Skills/Support Recommendations
  • Lifestyle coaching. Ex- meal planning/prep, organizational skills or setting and achieving goals.

Clients can further specialize their Concierge Package by choosing one with a focus most Intune with your goals.

Mental Health Counseling Focus

The Mental Health Counseling Concierge Package has a focus on individual therapy sessions. Included with everything above, this package also provides 2 virtual mental health visits and 1 Herbal Consultation for a single specific concern. Such as sleep hygiene, fatigue or focus/concentration. 

each month.

$350.00 per month

*Folks come to counseling for a variety of reasons. During your consultation we will discuss, briefly, what has brought you into counseling. This will help to explore an approximate duration for therapy services.*

Herbal  Support Focus

The Herbal Support Concierge Package focuses on providing clients with herbs that fit into your lifestyle and address health concerns and goals towards vitality.  Included with everything above, this package begins with a 90 minute new client intake and also provides-

  • One 30 minute check in
  • Personalized Herbal Products (up to $50)

$200.00 per month

*During your consultation we will discuss what your goals are. This will help to explore an approximate duration for services.*

Integrative Health Focus

The Integrative Health Concierge Package has a focus on supporting the client in fully realizing overall goals. Using a multifaceted assessment to explore areas where support is most needed, this concierge package can truly benefit the client who is committed to implementing the recommendations, noticing where changes need to be made and making them. Patience to progress is key. Included with everything above, this package starts with a 90 minute intake session. It also provides

  • One virtual mental health visit. (not included in the first month)
  • One 30 minute or two 15 minute check ins
  • Personalized Herbal Products (up to $50)

$300.00 per month

* During your consultation we will discuss what your goals are. This will help to explore an approximate duration for services.*

Getting Started is Easy


Free Consultation

I provide free 20-minute phone consultations on Mondays and Fridays. Please send an email to schedule your time. We can discuss your goals for mental and physical health and wellness. I can answer your questions and we can decide on options for services that might be a good fit for you.

Book Appointment

Scheduling and initial appointment occurs after a phone consultation and review of intake paperwork. If you need to reschedule an appointment or are a former client interested in returning to services, please send me an email directly.

1st Session!

The 1st therapy session can produce anxiety for some folks. Not to worry. In the first session we will discuss what you are most looking to explore in therapy. Additionally, I might take the time to ask about your history, including your family. This might include questions about your family’s mental, physical, cultural, spiritual, environmental and social influences. It is important for me to have a rich understanding of your past experience and background. I want to know who you are so I can best be present with you. 


I am a provider in network with the following insurance networks; Anthem/BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, Oxford, United and Oscar. Individual therapy sessions can be covered under many plans. Groups are not covered under insurance plans. Invoices can be provided for individual therapy sessions and may be submitted to other insurance companies for possible out of network reimbursement. Individual therapy sessions are $130. Groups range from $25-$45 per group. A number of sliding fee appointments are available.

Contact Me

Ask a question or request to participate in a group. Please be specific about what group(s) you are interested in. For emergencies call 911 or visit your nearest hospital