Meditation As Therapy

Group participants are offered the opportunity to experience the practice of meditation using supportive tools and techniques. A group discussion helps facilitate the common struggles individuals often encounter when starting a meditation or mindfulness practice. Additionally, the focus in this group is how cultivating this practice benefits overall mental health and how to use it to do so in everyday life.

This group is excellent for people who are just starting a mindfulness practice or seated meditation practice as well as people who have some experience. Group is held once per week. Cost is $25 per group. Participants are asked to commit to 6 weeks of group. Group is in person and virtual.

Please send and email with a request to join the group. You will be provided with information and a brief consultation prior to starting.

Guided Imagery + Art Therapy

Utilizing guided meditation and art therapy this group is intended to help the participant cultivate inner connection using creative visualization and art making. Participants spend the first part of group guided through a meditation sometimes with sound, music or words. The next section of group includes engaging in the creative process to explore a response to the meditation. This could be through the lens of the participants personal process, or it could be purely a response. There is time left at the end of group for individuals to share their art, experience, or thoughts. The nature of this group is a classic Art Therapy Response Art Group with the stimulus being the guided meditation.
 Participants are asked to commit to 8 sessions, with the opportunity to continue. $35 per session. There is a day/time for this group offered only for the LGBTQIA+ community, if this is a good fit for you, please feel free to ask. Guided Imagery + Art meets the first and third weeks of the month on either Tuesday or Thursday.

Please email with a request to join the group prior to submitting payment. You will be provided a brief consultation along with the next start date for the group. This group has specific start dates for new group members.

Culinary Education

Let Food Be Thy Medicine. In this group we take the time to discuss specific mental health concerns and explore how the kitchen can be our pharmacy. Each group focuses on a different theme; a specific mental health diagnosis and the foods that can help support it, herbs and spices to keep in your pantry and how to use them effectively, accessibility, lifestyle and keeping things functional. Group includes discussion, education materials and some light cooking experiences. Participants are asked to attend 12 groups. Groups are offered 2x per month, in person or virtual. Group costs $35 per session.

Please email a request to join groups prior to submitting payment. You will be provided information and a brief consultation. This group has specific start dates for new members.

Eco Therapy Groups

Eco Therapy is the therapeutic use of nature as a healing tool. Science has proven that spending time in nature has many health benefits. It is not a stretch to recognize this applies to Mental Health as well. Eco Therapy Groups include slow-paced, relaxing walks through some of the beautiful local Atlanta forests. We take the time to use our senses and explore nature while engaging in journaling, art-making, breathing exercises or meditating. Participants are encouraged to be open-minded to the experience, maybe even a little playful about what the possibilities could be. Sometimes nature can offer a reflection for us, but only if we are available to receive it. A group discussion at the end helps to facilitate deeper connection with the participants and utilize community healing as a modality. Eco Therapy Groups will begin in October 2022. They will be offered two times a month. Cost will be determined.

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