About Me

“Your work is to discover your world, and then with all your heart, give yourself to it.” -Buddha

Hello! I’m Sue

Integrative Therapist
Art Therapist
Yoga Informed Psychotherapist
Mindfulness Educator
Community Herbalist

My foundation in Integrative Therapy is based on a master’s degree in Art Therapy from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I consider myself, at this point, a seasoned professional. It is the foundation of art that has grounded my approach to healing and health in creativity, curiosity and compassion.

In my evolving career of over 20 years, I have remained dedicated to leading with creativity. In the beginning I trained in trauma informed, attachment theory, and practiced as a relational therapist. Seeing a need to evolve with the needs of my clients and provide creative interventions, I began to incorporate the skills I learned as a Yoga Teacher into my work as a clinician. Incorporating the body as a medium to learn about processes and a tool to gauge symptoms. Mindfulness, breathwork and the asana of restorative yoga became my creative tools in sessions.

Progressing further as a professional and in my own life, the study of Buddhist Philosophy wove prominently in and out of my reflections of trauma and suffering until the two became indistinguishable. Meditation and freedom from attachment added more gifts of abundance to my toolbox.

Most recently, the formal study of herbal plant medicine, body systems and food as medicine added yet another layer to my work, bringing the circle to almost completion of the wrap-around service I can provide for clients. Truly becoming an Integrative Therapist.
The thread that consistently weaves is always creativity. Whether combining art making and meditation, movement and mindfulness, tinctures and walks in the woods, or meal planning and self-empowerment, there are a multitude of ways the human condition can heal, grow and thrive. Every person should be allowed to find their own healing journey. I am here to witness.

My Approach & Values

It was a calling to become a Mental Health Counselor. The work chose me and continues to shape my life as much as my life continues to shape the way I work. It is a balance much like the Yin and the Yang or the ebb and the flow of the tide. My own work is always about evolution which can be seen in the trajectory of my professional self. Evolutionary growth. Constant, consistent healthy change. I offer this same approach to my clients. Utilizing self-compassion and forgiveness, and expanse of space around the self, clients are encouraged to explore the underlying causes for challenges, understand them through compassion and provide tools in the future to move beyond perceived limitations.
I value the individual in each of my clients. I am curious about each of my clients’ experiences, who they are and what has brought them to this point in life. 

My Experience

  • 20+ years in the helping profession
  • 10 years in private practice
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor- Illinois 13 years
  • Licensed Professional Counselor- Texas 4 years/Georgia 2 years

My Education

  • Master’s degree in art therapy- 2004
  • Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional- 2022
  • Community Herbalist- 2020
  • Yoga Teacher-200 Hour 2012
  • Mindfulness Educator- 2013



“I’ve worked with Sue for over two years, and within that time, she’s helped me develop a mindfulnesses and meditation practice as one strategy to deal with my anxiety and be more present with my family and at work. To be honest, when she first mentioned this to me, I brushed it off, thinking I was always a “bad meditator” and never doing it “right”. When I decided to give it a real try, I was amazed at how helpful it was in dealing with anxiety and stress. In addition to my regular practice, I was able to leverage this practice during my pregnancy and birth of my third child. During my c-section, I could hear the doctor concerned about fluid in his lungs, and trying for what felt like an eternity to clear it out and see his breathing improved. I could have easily panicked while the doctor was finishing the procedure and not being able to be with the baby. Instead, I used meditation practice to stay calm and present in the moment. I also believe this practice that I did through pregnancy is what attributes to my baby’s calm and “chill” demeanor day to day


Sue is the first therapist out of several I’ve seen to really push me out of my comfort zone, become vulnerable and get to the root of issues I’d been avoiding for a long time. Her approach of traditional therapy combined with a Holistic Mind-body approach was the driving force to engaging my own feelings and different strategies I hadn’t been open to in the past.”


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